About Manila Digest

Manila Digest is your guide to Fort Bonifacio – aka Bonifacio Global City (BGC) or more casually The Fort.  Founded by a trio of expat teachers living in this neighborhood who love to dine out, take food pics, write it up, & google map it so you don’t have to, MD is your one-stop-shop for where to go and what to do.  Manila as a whole is an up-and-coming world city with an ever-changing restaurant scene, and the Fort is a microcosm of the bigger picture.  This site contains some of our favorite go-to spots for eating, drinking, shopping… From catching a yoga class to sipping a mocha latte, we’ve got you covered.  And the good news is that it’s all walkable, so even when it’s “so traffic,” you can continue your adventures on foot!

₱ = 500         ₱₱ = 500 to 1000        ₱₱₱ = 1000 to 2000        ₱₱₱₱ = 2000+       |       Our Picks       A = Amaz     D = Davos     K = K Rol

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Alexa Mazarakis

(aka Amaz)

Full-time teacher, part-time “food writer”

Alexa cut her culinary teeth navigating the New York City food scene. Upon moving to Manila, she decided to put her food-finding prowess to good use. She spends her weekends picking and choosing the best places for us to eat and drink in our Fort Bonifacio ‘hood and neighboring Makati. Alexa loves salads and bacon, and especially salads with bacon. She also maintains a relatively gluten-free and hot sauce-heavy diet.

(Alexa’s fave picks are marked with an A)

David Collett

(aka Davos)

Full-time teacher, part-time “web designer”

As someone who believes that making Indonesian noodles from a package constitutes “cooking,” David is our resident expert on take out and delivery (and often expounds upon the relative speed to noms ratio of the various internet food delivery services in Metro MNL). He’s also the creator and updater of our interactive Google map. His tastes tend towards Asian rice dishes and ‘Merican cheeseburgers. Basically, he’s a guy; he likes guy food.

(David’s fave picks are marked with an D)

Karoli Melwani

(aka K Rol)

Full-time teacher, part-time “food photog”

Not only is Karoli the first one to know about new restaurant openings, she also makes sure that we try them pronto.  And that we never miss a photo opp. Her palate is the most adventurous: she’s always trying some new dish, or several if anyone at the table is willing to share with her (which Alexa always is). An islander since birth – she’s from Curacao in the Caribbean – she has a weakness for beautifully prepared, fresh seafood.

(Karoli’s fave picks are marked with a K)